Terracotta Composter

Composting Made Simple!


Scatter a few of these simple composters throughout your veggie garden for convenient, effective composting.

What you Need
1 x terracotta pot
1 x plastic yoghurt tub
1 x decorative doorknob
1 x fender washer (you might need 2)

Tools – Scissors, trowel, screwdriver

Cut the bottom off the yoghurt tub.

Put a fender washer on the doorknob’s screw and push the end of the screw through the pot’s central drainage hole, from the inside.

Screw the doorknob onto the screw.

Dig a hole in your veggie garden, big enough to accommodate the yoghurt tub, and place the tub into the hole.

Pop raw kitchen waste into the tub and place the terracotta pot lid over it. There you have it – a simple little composter.

NOTE: When the tub is full, pull it out of the hole leaving the kitchen waste behind, and cover up the hole. Move the tub to a new hole and repeat the process. You can have a number of these cute little terracotta composting towers going at once.

The Gardener