Dianella tasmanica

Tasman Flax Lily

Tasman Flax Lily

Dianella Tasmanica, commonly known as the Tasman Flax Lily is a grass-like, evergreen perennial that provides a garden with dark blue blooms in springtime. The tiny flowers are exceptionally attractive if viewed up close, but it’s the foliage that catches the eye when viewed from a distance.

This plant is hardy and tolerates quite severe frost, but even at the coast it will die back completely during cold, dry winters if it’s not watered well. It is essentially an excellent filler for frost free areas or areas with little frost. It enjoys light shade or part sun and so keeps its water requirements to a minimum in the summer.

The Flax Lily is striking, whether it is used as a small accent plant or planted en masse to fill a larger expanse.

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