dwaba berry

Monanthotaxis caffra

Dwaba Berry,  Dwababessie

dwaba berry

Type: Medium shrub, 2m.
Form: Woody scrambler with sparse foliage.
Flowers: Insignificant cream flowers, from December to March.
Why plant it? The Dwaba-berry is a useful plant in a shade garden as it flourishes naturally inside forests, although it will flower and fruit better if it receives at least dappled sun.

Plant this shrub next to low-branching trees into which it can scramble. The delightful, glossy, dark green foliage and curiously shaped red fruits are best displayed when it is able to weave its way up between its neighbour’s branches (fortunately, it never overwhelms its neighbour). The long-lasting fruits are edible and are also relished by birds.

Found naturally: In forests and at forest margins.

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