A bucketful of water

This small water feature is simple to make and will add the sensory element of running water to a special spot in your garden.


•1 x 20l galvanized bucket with a sturdy handle
•1 x 1m length 15mm copper plumbing pipe
•1 old garden tap.
•2 x 90 degree elbows
•1 tap connection fitting
•1 small tube of silicon water-proof sealer.
•1 hose clamp
•2 half-round wall-mount brackets
•Fencing wire.
•1 short length of 15mm clear tubing

What you Need

What you Do

1.Measure from the base of the bucket to the height that you want the tap to be above the bucket. Cut a piece of copper pipe to this length.

2.Fasten the 90 degree elbows to each end of this piece of pipe.

3.Cut two short pieces of copper pipe (about 50mm) and add them to the pipe elbows on each end.

4.Fit the tap onto one of these extension pieces.

5.In the base of the bucket, drill a hole of 15mm, about 5mm from the edge, for the plumbing fitting.

6.Drill a second smaller hole, to the left of the first 15mm hole, for the electric cable.

7.If you plan on mounting the feature to a wall, then use the wall mount brackets to secure the pipe against the wall before continuing with the installation of the plumbing onto the bucket.

8.Insert the bottom end of the plumbing fitting (the end without the tap) into the hole and silicone it closed so that it is water-tight.

9.Fit the clear tubing to the other side of the pipe and fasten it with a hose clamp.

10.Fasten the plumbing pipe to the bucket, at the desired angle, with fencing wire.

11.Install the pump in the bucket and connect it to the clear tubing.

12.Fill the bucket three quarters full with water. Turn the pump on and observe the water level in the bucket. Top it up as required. Be aware that this feature will lose water over time owing to evaporation and splash loss, so check it regularly to make sure it does not run dry.

Information supplied by KLB Engineering on 011 668 1923 or visit www.klbengineering.com. The water feature was installed by Craig de Necker of The Friendly Plant, in association with KLB Engineering. Contact Craig on 082 805 0910 or visit www.thefriendlyplant.co.za

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