A Clear View

Glass Planter

Make this easy DIY planter with Glass and add an extra dimension to your interior décor by bringing the beauty of your garden inside.

What You Need

8mm clear glass panels:
2 x 180 x 130 mm (side panels)
2 x 400 x 130 mm
(front and back panels)
1 x 416 x 180 mm (bottom panel)
Marine silicone
Methylated spirits
Paper towel
Plants: We used a selection
of succulents
Pebbles, masking tape, water

glass planter diagram

Putting It Together

Step 1:
Clean and polish all the glass panels with Methylated spirits.
Step 2:
Lay the front, back and side glass panels out flat and place strips of silicone along the edges where they meet.
Step 3:
Position them together to form a rectangular box shape and secure with masking tape.
Step 4:
Seal the inside seams of the box with more silicone. Wet your finger with water and drag it over the silicone edges to tidy them.
Step 5:
Remove any excess silicone and leave your box to dry for 48 hours.
Step 6:
Place strips of silicone around the edges of the final bottom panel that now needs to be attached to the box to form a base. Position the box on top of this panel and repeat Steps 1 to 5, allowing the silicone to dry for 48 hours.
Step 7:
Once your glass planter is secure and the silicone is dry, fill it up to two thirds from the top with pebbles and river sand.
Step 8:
Position your plants carefully, covering the surface of your planting with moss or small pebbles.

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