Balcony Planters

balcony planters
An Elgo Greenbo balcony planter in grey, plus

These new balcony planters in fashionable colours are idea to plant up with easy to grow plants in complementary colours. The planters fit without fuss on a balcony railing or fence and are ideal for flat dwellers, and for brightening up a small garden.

To make up these Two Recipes you Need

Nemesia Aromatica

Petunia  ‘Bingo’

Senecio Cineraria

Abunda Giant White Bacopa

Aloe ‘Hedgehog’

Sedum Acre (Stonecrop)

Elgo Greenbo balcony planter in orange.

More About the Plants

Nemesia Aromatica – for a colourful display there is little else that beats the free-flowering and indigenous Nemesia Aromatica with its gently perfumed flowers bursting forth in spring and again in autumn. Plant it in full sun or light shade and cut back to half its height after flowering to encourage more flowers.

Abunda Giant White Bacopa – the white flowers of this free-flowering hybrid are huge in comparison to those of the parent plant. This is a heat-loving and versatile ground cover that is ideal for hanging baskets and pots because it flows over the edges and delivers beautiful blooms from early spring right through to autumn. (Although commonly called Bacopa, these plants are not of the genus Bacopa, but hybrids of Chaenostoma Cordatum, for which the name Sutera Cordata was generally used until 2005.)

Petunia ‘Bingo’ is a compact and upright range of petunias available in a variety of lovely bright colours. The purple specimen we chose contrasts beautifully with the grey-foliage Senecio, while it complements the pink and white flowers of the other plants. It is great in full sun and provides major flower power from spring through to autumn.

Senecio Cineraria – the silver-grey foliage makes this a perfect contrast plant in a container. It’s tough as old boots, and loves well drained soil and lots of sun.

Aloe ‘Hedgehog’ is attractive and sun loving and makes a statement in any container, especially when it is flowering in winter and early spring. The coral-coloured flowers contrast well with its grey-green foliage. (Aloe ‘Hedgehog’® is Gerald’s Plant of the month in ‘Garden with us’, so you can read all about it there.)

Sedum Acre is a creeping ground cover that grows easily in dry sandy soils, between rocks and in rock gardens. It is a lovely succulent for a pot because of its tendency to cascade over the sides. The leaves are either green or bright yellow, depending on the seasons. Sedum Acre is also known as ‘Stonecrop’.

More About the Planters

The unique Elgo Greenbo Planters come in eight different colours: beige, grey, black, white, blue, red, orange and green. There are drip trays that fit onto the bottom of the pots, which means you avoid dripping water into the downstairs’ neighbours’ balconies or on the floor indoors.

The planters fit on most shapes and sizes of railings (up to 9 cm) and are manufactured from 100% weather-resistant resin with UV resistant factors to ensure that the colours are long lasting. http://www.toplinetools.co.za/brands/elgo

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