A bold new battery powered edge trimmer

An Edge Trimmer Designed Just For You!


The STIHL Lithium-ion battery-powered range, including the edge trimmer, has been designed for smaller gardens such as in complexes, and with their low noise and zero emissions they are perfect for urban spaces – there’s no need to annoy the neighbours while you work!

Neat and Nifty Cutting!

The STIHL FSA 45 is a lightweight garden trimmer that effortlessly helps you to keep your lawn looking its best, and it’s ideal for simple trimming work around the home and garden. Exceptionally lightweight at just 2.3kg and easy to use, the FSA 45 is the ideal model for smaller gardens. It features an integrated 18V lithium-ion battery and can trim up to 250m² of lawn edges or 50m² of lawn on a charge.

The low noise and zero emissions make it convenient and pleasant to work with, along with its quick and simple operation and low maintenance requirements. The FSA 45 comes standard with the STIHL PolyCut™ 2-2 mowing head with interchangeable plastic blades, which allows you to work around solid objects without marking them and facilitates cutting in hard-to-reach places.

It can also cope with large areas of tall grass while maintaining high performance. As an alternative to the plastic blades, the mowing head can be equipped with mowing line. A spacer bracket is included for quick mowing around obstacles and along fence lines. Highly portable, easy to operate, low maintenance and very manoeuverable, this battery-powered trimmer is a great choice for occasional use on small properties.

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