Bench Mark – Bench DIY

Make this great little bench DIY for a corner of the garden or patio.

What you Need for your Bench DIY

Wood cutting list
2 x 990mm x 90mm x 30mm (front and back)
2 x 370mm x 90mm x 30mm (sides)
4 x 415mm x 90mm x 30mm (legs)
2 x 805mm x 20mm x 20mm (cleats)
42 x 40mm x 4mm cut screws
4 x 20mm x 4mm cut screws
Wood glue
Pine wood filler
Sanding block
Wood primer
White enamel paint


Tape measure, pencil, carpenter’s square, cordless drill driver, 4mm wood bit and countersink

What you Do

1.Mark a line 30mm from the top of the front and back planks. This will be the inset level for the bamboo at a later stage.

bench diy

2.Line up the top of each leg with the 30mm line and make the side edge of the legs  flush with the ends of the front and back planks. Attach the legs to the front and back planks using wood glue and 40mm cut screws. Drill and countersink pilot holes for the screws to make sure you don’t split the timber.

bench diy

3.Attach the cleats on the inside of the bench, along the 30mm line and level with the top of the legs. Stand the front and back sections upside down and join them together with the side planks, in the same manner as in step 2.

bench diy

4.Fill all the screw holes with wood filler and sand smooth once dry. Apply the undercoat and then two coats of white enamel, allowing drying time between coats.

5.Once the paint is dry, trim the bamboo edging to fit the top of the bench. Secure the edging with 20mm screws by drilling through only the top of the bamboo and then screwing the bottom to the cleats.

bench diy
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