Bring the Birds – Hanging Bird Feeder

hanging bird feeder

Your garden can be a haven for birds – add a meal and maybe the word will spread. Follow these easy steps to make your own hanging bird feeder.

What you will Need
Peat moss
PPC cement
Black plastic bag
8-gauge wire

Mixing bowl, mould, scissors

1. Thoroughly mix two parts peat moss to one part cement, breaking up all the clumps of peat moss. Slowly and sparingly add some water to create a mixture that holds together well. Test the consistency by making a solid ball – the consistency is right when the mixture won’t fall apart.

2.Choose a mould with a flat base and line it with plastic. This will make it easier to remove the feeder from the mould when the concrete is dry.

3. Scoop some peat moss/cement mixture into the mould and firm it down with a spade or your knuckles, forming a 20 mm layer in the bottom of the mould. If your mixture starts drying out, flick a little water onto it. Build up a small lip around the sides by pressing the mixture against the walls of your mould. This should create a curve from the bottom to the top of your feeder. There is no need to be too exact about this – you can judge it by eye and press it into place with your hands.

4. Push four pieces of wire into the lip at equal distances around the edge, making sure they are not too close to the top edge of the lip. The wire will create holes in your feeder through which to thread the rope to hang the feeder. Allow the feeder to dry for approximately 24 hours – it will change colour as it dries so you will be able to tell when it is completely dry.

5. When the feeder is dry, remove the wires and support the feeder as you turn it out of the mould. Pull off the plastic. Cut four pieces of rope, one twice the length of the others. Thread a piece of rope through each hole, securing it with a knot. Join all four pieces of rope together in the centre and use the longer piece to tie the feeder to a tree in your garden. Fill the feeder with seed and wait for your feathered friends to arrive.

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