Build a Bunny Basket

Use your Fragram tools to make an Easter bunny egg basket!

You need:

Cutting list:

1 x 160mm x 600mm piece of 18mm plywood

1 x 20mm dowel cut to 285mm

4 x 7mm x 32mm x 296mm slats (available in the skirting board section of hardware stores)

1 x 19mm x 100mm x 260mm plank

25mm panel pins

White paint/spray-paint

Wood glue

4 x 4mm x 35mm wood screws

Tools: Jigsaw, cordless drill, driver bit, speed pilot bit, 20mm Forstner bit, sander, carpenter’s pencil, tape measure, piece of paper/template, scissors, hammer,

We used these Fragram tools for this DIY: 

400W Jigsaw

18V Cordless Drill

200W 3-in-1 Multisander

225g Rubber Grip Claw Hammer

What to do:

  1. Download the bunny template, print it and cut it out.
  2. Using the bunny template, trace out two bunnies on the piece of plywood. Make sure to make a mark in the bunnies’ foreheads where the dot is.
  3. Using the Fragram 400W Jigsaw, cut out the two bunnies.
  4. Sand the bunnies and the other pieces of wood with the Fragram 200W 3-in-1 Multisander.
  5. Drill a 20mm hole on the mark in each bunny’s forehead. Don’t go all the way through though.  
  6. Dry fit the dowel in the two holes, with the base plank in place as well. Check that the dowel isn’t a tad too long. If it is, trim it. Put glue into each hole and insert the dowel handle into both.
  7. Slip the base into position between the two bunnies. Secure it with glue and screws, after drilling pilot holes.
  8. Hammer a panel pin between the bunnies’ ears, to further secure the dowel handle.
  9. Measure 1cm from the bottom of the bunnies and nail the first slat at this mark. Leave a gap and then fit the next slat. (An offcut from the slats is helpful here, as a spacer.) Repeat until you have two slats on either side.
  10. Paint the completed basket. We used Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray-Paint in Linen White. It’s great because you don’t need a primer first.
  11. Paint whiskers and a nose, if you feel like it.
  12. Hide Easter eggs and release the children!

Win with Fragram!

Enter the Facebook competition and stand a chance to win the 400W Jigsaw, 18V Cordless Drill, 200W 3-in-1 Multisander and 225g Rubber Grip Claw Hammer from Fragram Tools and the bunny Easter basket we made!

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