Cool as Concrete

concrete pot stand

Elegantly showcase your pot plants with this funky concrete pot stand!

What you Need for your Concrete Pot Stand

  • Cement
  • River sand
  • Small gravel
  • Water
  • Plastic bucket
  • Three pick handles, cut to 600mm long
  • Releasing agent/cooking oil
  • Spade

What you Do

1. Mix concrete with a ratio of 1 part small stone, 3 parts river sand and 1 part cement, with enough water for a thick porridge consistency. The concrete needs to be quite thick, as you don’t want the legs to push through it all the way.

concrete pot stand DIY

2. Mark the bucket at the correct depth for the thickness of the concrete top you want to make (about 100mm from the bottom of the bucket).

concrete pot stand measurements

3. Spray or paint the inside of the bucket with the releasing agent or cooking oil. (Releasing agent does give a smoother result.)

4. Fill the bottom of the bucket with concrete, up to your mark. Place the legs in the concrete, being careful not to push them all the way through to the bottom of the bucket. Space them equally apart, and try to get them level, using a spirit level if necessary. The concrete should hold them in place, but if it doesn’t place planks around the rim of the bucket to give the legs some support. Leave the concrete to dry for a week or so.

5. Remove the concrete from the bucket. You may have to cut the bucket off. Give the concrete a quick polish, then place the concrete pot stand in a prominent position and adorn it with a spectacular specimen plant.

concrete pot stand complete

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