Creative Wall Art

From some simple materials, you can make your own contemporary creative wall art in a few hours

What you Need for your Creative Wall Art

  • PVC pipe:
  • 6 x 110mm x 68mm
  • 40 x 50mm x 68mm
  • 50 x 40mm x 68mm
  • Pine for the frame:
  • 2 x 600mm x 68mm x 20mm
  • 2 x 438mm x 68mm x 20mm
  • 8 x 4mm x 30mm full-thread cut screws
  • PVC Weld
  • Rustoleum black spray paint and hammered
  • Copper spray paint
  • Contact adhesive


Tape measure, hacksaw, wood saw, cordless drill/screwdriver, counter-sink bit

1. Cut all the timber and PVC pipe as per the cutting list.

2. Assemble the 600mm x 478mm frame by countersinking holes and screwing the pieces together.

3. Randomly place all the PVC circles inside the frame to form an attractive pattern and use PVC Weld to glue them together where they touch. You might have to cut a few of the circles in half to fit into the rectangular frame. Do not attach them to the frame yet.

4. Once the PVC Weld has set, remove the PVC construction from the frame and spray paint the frame black. Then spray paint the PVC construction with the hammered copper paint. Paint both sections with three coats, allowing drying time in between.

5. Once all the parts are dry, place the PVC construction back in the frame. Using contact adhesive, glue the PVC construction to the frame, attaching it at a number of points where the PVC meets the frame.

6. Hang the frame on the wall to add an interesting perspective to your garden.

The Gardener