Digging Box

Minimize damage to your flowerbeds by giving your dogs an exciting alternative.

Digging box

Pine planks, as follows
Sides: 2 @ 790 x 220 x 18 mm
Back and front: 2 @ 830 x 220 x 18 mm
Base: 4 @ 790 x 220 x 18 mm
Legs: 2 @ 295 x 140 x 18 mm
Wheels: 2 x 100 mm castors
8 nuts and bolts (32 x 6 mm)
2 metres 24 mm rope
500 ml universal undercoat
1 litre enamel paint (We used Plascon
Velvaglo in ‘Wake up orange’)
37 screws (30 x 4 mm)

hole saw (32mm), cordless drill, paintbrush

Step 1: Build a 4-sided box by screwing the planks for the sides and back and front together. Lay the 4 planks for the base lengthwise across the box, without any gaps between them. Screw into place to form the base.

Digging box

Step 2: Attach the 2 castors to one end of the base.

Step 3: Attach the legs to the opposite side.

Step 4: Drill holes for the rope on the side with the legs.

Step 5: Paint the box, first with undercoat then 2 coats of enamel paint. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next.

Digging box

Step 6: Thread the rope through the holes and knot to hold it in place.

Step 7: Fill the digging box with 4 bags of river sand mixed with a bag of bone meal (to make the digging more interesting) then bury treats and toys for your dog to find.

Digging box
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