Dividing Guzmanias

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Guzmanias are bromeliads that produce vibrant star-shaped flowers in a wide range of colours. They are popular houseplants to display in bright, natural light. There are two sides to the cultivation of these epiphytes – the mother plant will die after flowering, at the same time producing quite a few pups that can be removed and divided up to create more plants.


Cut off the old flower stalk, remove the plant from its container, and gently separate the pups from each other with sharp scissors. Then replant them in separate pots filled with commercial orchid mixture.


  • Fill the central well from which the new flower stalk will arise about ¼ – ½ full of water, which should be flushed out and replaced regularly with fresh water to prevent bacterial build up.
  • Mist spray the plants regularly in hot weather for extra humidity, and also moisten the soil in the pots now and again.
  • Very light fertilising can be done by spraying it on the leaves of the plant once or twice a year. As guzmanias are epiphytic they take up their nourishment through their leaves.
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