DIY birdfeeders

4 Quick and Easy DIY Birdfeeders

Add some creative fun to your garden with these novel DIY birdfeeders.

Cake Pan Birdfeeder

Baking lovers (or ex-bakers with extra equipment) will love the first of our DIY birdfeeders, and it is by far the quickest and easiest one on the list. This cake pan birdfeeder is great to hang outside your kitchen window.

  • Tie twine around a block of wood or two ice cream sticks glued into a cross and pull the twine through the hole in the cake pan
  • Fill with bird seed.

Lego Birdfeeder

This is a great craft for kids, or a way to use those old Lego pieces stuck in a box in the garage. All you need are a few pieces of Lego and a flat space to place your finished masterpiece.

  • Build a wide base with a rim for the birds to stand on
  • Leave some space inside the rim, and build your Lego house with windows and ledges to place more seeds inside and more space for the birds to perch
  • Place in a tree or on your patio.

Teacup Birdfeeder

Bring some Alice in Wonderland whimsy into your garden by hanging these topsyturvy teacup DIY birdfeeders from the trees in your garden.

  • Glue the teacup onto the saucer on its side, using epoxy glue
  • Tie twine or light chain to the teacup handle and hang it from a tree
  • Place bird seed in the teacup and on the saucer, spilling outwards.

Ice cream Stick Birdfeeder

Ice cream sticks and hot glue are always a good combination, and you can let your imagination run wild with different shapes, sizes and colours.

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