flower press

DIY Flower Press

Make your own flower press by following these steps:

What you need for a flower press

  • 3 x 300mm x 300mm x 18mm wooden boards
  • 4 x 100mm x 8mm bolts
  • 4 x 8mm wing nuts
  • 8 x 8mm galvanised washers

Tools needed

Cordless drill with 8mm drill bit for wood, tape measure, pencil, sand paper.

flower press

1. Clamp the three boards together, the edges flush. Mark 40mm from each edge on all the corners.

2. While still clamped, drill a hole in each corner. Sand all the edges of the planks.

3. Slide a washer onto a bolt and insert through the holes. Slide on another washer and then the wing nuts. Repeat for all corners. This press enables you to press two layers of flowers at a time, but you could add more plank layers if you like, as long as you can get long enough bolts (or threaded bar). Use paper between each layer of flowers and fasten the wing nuts to press them.


Preserve pressed flowers by placing between two sheets of clear contact and pressing out all the air, then cutting around the flower, leaving a small area of contact around it.

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