DIY Toys to keep dogs entertained

T-shirt rope with tennis ball

This toy combines everything dogs love – ropes and tennis balls. As a bonus, it only uses things you likely already have at home and aren’t using – it’s always good to recycle!

You will need:

1 old T-shirt

1 old tennis ball (one your pup has already broken will work)



  1. Cut the T-shirt along the side hem and into strips. The wider the strips, the thicker the rope – adjust according to the size of your dog.
  2. Collect the strips and tie a firm knot in one end.
  3. Separating the strips into three sections, braid until you reach the end of the rope, and tie another knot to secure.
  4. Cut two holes in opposite sides of a tennis ball and thread the rope through until the ball reaches the centre.

Tennis ball treat game

Treat games are popular among pet owners for their ability to both captivate and confuse dogs. After all, food is always a good motivator for pets (and humans). This toy takes less than a minute to make but should keep your dog occupied for hours.

You will need:

1 tennis ball


Craft knife


  1. Cut a small slit in the tennis ball along the seam, using a craft knife. Make sure the hole is big enough to get the treats in and out but small enough to remain closed so the treats don’t fall out on their own.
  2. Stuff the tennis ball with treats and leave to your dog to enjoy.
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