Pallet Planter

pallet planter

Gardeners are an innovative lot, always looking for new ways to grow and display plants. Here’s a way to up cycle an old pallet into a fun pallet planter that will make an unusual feature in the veggie or flower garden, as long as there’s a wall for it to stand against.

What You Need for your Pallet Planter

  • 1 wooden pallet
  • 1 sheet of very strong plastic (the type used for water features)
  • 1,5 x 1,5m landscaping fabric (essential if plastic is not strong enough)
  • staple gun and staples
  • 2 x Hilti screws (if required, see Step 4)
  • potting soil
  • seedlings

Step 1: If you are using landscaping fabric and plastic then cut both to fit the open side and one end of the pallet, otherwise only cut the plastic. Attach the fabric and then the plastic, or just the plastic, tightly to the edges and the centre plank using the staple gun.

pallet planter

Step 2: Lay the pallet flat on the ground, with the plastic forming the base. Fill the pallet with potting soil, pressing it tightly into all the corners and gaps.


Step 3: Plant the seedlings between the slats and fill up the gaps with potting soil. Make sure that all the seedlings are secure by compacting the soil gently around them.


Step 4: Poke a few small drainage holes in the plastic at the bottom end and stand the pallet against a wall at a slight angle, or, if you prefer, stand the pallet flush against the wall and secure it with Hilty screws.

pallet planter

Step 5: Water your pallet planter thoroughly. You might also want to set up an irrigation system like Josh Methley did at Blackwood Nursery.

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