Festive Water Bauble

Water bauble

We’ve got just the thing for you if there’s a place in your garden crying out for a small, sparkling water feature, and once it’s done it will be so nice to say “I made it myself”.

Plastic bowl – to use as a mould (coat
the inside with cooking oil)
PPC Concrete Mix
Sump and grid – from River
Rock (contact 031 702 6028,
400-flow pump – from Waterfall
Pumps PG Range (contact KLB
Engineering, 011 668 1923,
400 mm conduit
plastic piping

bucket, spade, trowel

PPC concrete mix
For this project use 4 parts concrete stone to 2 parts river sand to 1 part PPC cement, and mix with sufficient water to form a stiff consistency.

Water bauble

Step 1: Position the conduit in the centre of the bowl and hold it in place while you pour in the prepared concrete mix. Fill the bowl to the top and then tap gently to remove the air bubbles. Allow to dry. (You need 2 of these to make this water feature.)

Step 2: Position the sump on the ground and mark around the edge with sand. Dig the hole for the sump, making it 5 cm deeper than the sump, then put down a 5 cm deep, level layer of sand. Put the sump into position, attach the plastic piping to the pump and place the pump in the sump. Fill with water and place the grid over the sump.

Water bauble

Step 3: Place the concrete halves together on top of the grid with the plastic pipe running though them, exiting out the top. Use silicone to seal around the hole where the pipe exits to prevent leaks in the water bauble.

Step 4: Connect the electricity supply, switch on the pump and you have a fun water feature.

One step further! Take your water bauble to even greater heights by covering it in a mosaic made of a fantastic array of colours and shapes.

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