frame indoor plants

Frame Your Indoor Plants

This simple frame is an unusual way to display plants on a desk or wall. Build this frame for indoor plants following these easy steps.

What You Need to Build This Frame for Indoor Plants

20mm meranti cut to the following dimensions:
2 x 850mm x 130mm x 20mm (top and bottom)
2 x 400mm x 130mm x 20mm (sides)
12 x 38mm panel pins
5 x 110mm glazed pots
About 3m of nylon twine
5 cup hooks
Wood glue
Exterior wood sealer


Saw, pencil, tape measure, hammer, scissors, sandpaper and a small offcut of wood about 7cm long

What To Do: 8 Easy Steps

  1. Here’s a tip from Garth: start the panel pins at the ends of the side pieces, about 10mm from the end. Tap them in with the hammer, until they are just about to poke through the other side.
indoor plant frame hammer
  1. Put glue on the edge of the sides, opposite the panel pins, where they will join the top and bottom.
diy frame indoor plants glue
  1. Hammer the panel pins in the rest of the way, nailing the sides to the top and bottom.
diy indoor plat frame nails
  1. Sand the meranti frame. Another tip from Garth is to nail the sandpaper to an off-cut of wood to make it easier to sand.
indoor plant frame diy
  1. Seal the frame with an exterior wood sealer.
wood sealer diy indoor plant frame
  1. Screw the five cup hooks into the underneath of the top plank. Make sure to space them equally.
  1. Now for tricky bit: make little cradles out of the nylon twine to hold the pots. Make three long ones and two shorter ones, for interesting spacing. To make them, make a loop around the pots, with three supports to hang it from, knotted at the top.
  1. Pot up the pots and then hang their nylon cradles from the cup hooks, alternating long with short.

Enjoy the beauty of this delightful frame for indoor plants!

The Gardener