Frame your Succulents

Succulents are a beautiful addition to any garden décor, but if you want to up the ante then follow this easy DIY guide on how to frame your succulents.

What you Need

  • Treated pine cut to the following dimensions:
  • 2 x 305mm x 75mm x 24mm
  • 2 x 260mm x 75mm x 24mm
  • 4 x 305mm x 75mm x 24mm
  • 4 x 305mm x 60mm x 24mm
  • 220mm x 220mm galvanised wire mesh
  • 8 – 16 fencing staples
  • 45mm cut screws


Tape measure or ruler, pencil, saw, drill and driver bit, hammer, mitre saw (or handsaw and mitre box)

What you Do

1.Cut all the wood to length.

2.Make a box using the two 260mm x 75mm and two 305mm x 75mm planks. Screw through the 305mm pieces and into the 260mm pieces using cut screws.

3.Cut a 45° angle to the ends of all four 305mm x 60mm planks, using a mitre saw.

4.Make a frame using the four pieces from Step 3, fastening them together using fencing staples at each corner.

Potting Mix

To make the soil mix that we used in this project to frame your succulents, mix together equal quantities of coconut husk, potting soil and compost in a bucket. Add a handful of bone meal and a handful or two of organic fertiliser pellets.

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