A Garden of Many Moons

Concrete Half Moons

These concrete half moon structures make an intriguing feature in a garden bed. Create an interesting wave pattern by making a series of them in decreasing sizes.

Shutter board/s
Thin sheet of masonite
Wire nails (100 mm)
PPC Concrete Mix

Tape measure, hammer, pencil and string.

PPC Concrete Mix
For this concrete half moon project use 4 parts concrete stone to 2 parts river sand to 1 part PPC cement, and mix with sufficient water to form a stiff consistency.

concrete half moon

Step 1:  Hammer a nail into the centre of the shutter board and decide what diameter the circle is to be. Tie builders’ line to a pencil, attach the other end of the line to the nail, and use it to draw the circle on the board. Hammer in nails, about 10 cm apart, around the circle. (If you intend to make several half moons simultaneously then you will need more than one shutter board.)

Step 2: Cut 70 mm wide strips of masonite. Place one through the centre of the circle and bend another longer strip around the edge of the circle, letting the nails hold it in place.

concrete half moon how to

Step 3:  Mix the concrete and pour it into the half-circles.

Step 4: Use a trowel to give the surface a smooth finish then leave to dry for a few days.

concrete half moon assembly

Step 5: Remove the masonite to reveal the completed half moons.

Step 6: Once you have several half moons in different sizes then you are ready to install them in your garden bed.

The Gardener