Gateway to your Garden

DIY Gate Transformation

gate transformation

This is a quick and easy DIY gate transformation of an old gate into a stylish and fun herb garden. Try it at home with an old gate you have lying around.

What you Need for your Gate Transformation

An old wire gate
2 metal stakes
8 plastic pots
14 cable ties
A selection of herbs
A potting mix (¾ potting soil, ¼ palm coir and a handful of organic fertiliser pellets)


Hammer, cordless drill and 4mm drill bit

What you Do

old gate transformation

1 Position the gate where you want it in the garden, then knock the stakes firmly into the ground. Attach the gate to the stakes using three cable ties on each side.

DIY gate transformation

2 Drill two  holes in the side of each pot, about ¾ of the way up. Insert a cable tie through the two holes. Pot up the pots, using the potting mix and herbs. Secure the pots to the gate using the cable tie.

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