Hanging Bucket

For a different type of hanging basket, try using a galvanised bucket with holes cut out on the sides to contain your next colourful plant collection.

What you Need for this Bucket Hanging Basket

Galvanised bucket
Potting soil


Metal scriber, angle grinder with steel-cutting disc, electric drill and metal drill bit

Make a template out of cardboard to match the diagram. Using the template, use a metal scriber to mark on the outside of the bucket walls where you want the holes, staggering the openings and leaving enough space between them.

Use the angle grinder to cut across the top of the marked areas and along both sides, leaving the bottom intact. Bend the cuts outwards to make the holes for the plants.

Drill holes in the base of the bucket for drainage. Add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the bucket then add potting soil up to the level of the bottom of the lower openings. Carefully position the plants so that they peek out of the holes and then add more potting soil to the level of the upper openings.Place the second layer of plants in position and fill in with more potting soil. Plant the top of the bucket and water well.

Use the chain to hang the bucket from a bracket like a hanging basket.

The Gardener