Herb Dryer

This easy-to-make herb dryer will ensure you never run out of herbs when you need them. Follow these quick DIY steps and soon you’ll have herbs in abundance.

What you will Need for your Herb Dryer

  • An old wooden picture frame
  • Fine wire mesh (insect screen)
  • 4 x eye hooks
  • Light chain (about 1.2 m)


Staple gun, blade, pliers

1. Restore or decorate an old picture frame.

2. Position the wire mesh over the back of the frame, cut it to fit and staple it in place.

Herb dryer
Herb dryer

3. Screw an eye hook into each of the four corners. Cut four lengths of chain (each about 300 mm long). Using pliers, join one side of each of the four chains together and the other side to an eye hook. Alternatively use wire to connect the chains to the eye hooks.

Herb dryer

4. Hang up the herb dryer, lie fresh herbs on it and let them dry.

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