Hexagonal Planters

Hexagonal Pot Plants

Hexagonal Planters

We love these hexagonal pot plant covers, and the basic shape is so versatile!

What You Need

24 x 15cm x 50mm x 50mm, cut at 30° NOT parallel

Woodoc 10 Indoor Polywax


36 x 65mm x 4mm screws


Mitre saw, tape measure, cordless drill, driver bit, 3mm drill bit, paint brush, 180-grit sandpaper

You can also use the hexagonal shape in other ways to create cool wall art or hanging planters.

1. Cut the wood to length. Make sure that the 30° angles at the ends are NOT parallel. The long edge should be 150mm long. Once that is done, lay down 6 pieces of wood to form a hexagonal, with the long edges on the INSIDE.

2. Lay down another six pieces of wood on the others, but shifted so that they overlap and are not directly above the pieces in the base layer. 

3. Drill pilot holes with a 3mm drill bit and screw these to the bottom layer.

4. Repeat step 3 twice more so that you have a planter four layers thick.

5. Seal with a wood sealant to prolong the lifespan. Do at least three coats, allowing to dry and then gently sanding between coats. We used Woodoc 10 because we love the smooth velvet finish that doesn’t affect the natural appearance of the wood. Now slip a potted plant into the hexagonal pot cover and give it pride of place.

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