Indigenous Bliss


Celebrate the arrival of spring with a delightful arrangement of indigenous spring-flowering plants, all competing for hop honours in the bright and cheerful department.

What you need:

  • Coleonema ‘Sunset Pink’
  • Osteospermum ‘Serenity Lavender Bliss’
  • Osteospermum ‘Serenity Frosted Bliss’
  • Gazania ‘Daybreak mixed’
  • Diascia ‘Genta Pink’
  • A lovely, wide-mouthed, fairly large pot

More about these indigenous plants:

Coleonema ‘Sunset Pink’ is a dwarf hybrid (80 cm x 50 cm) of Coleonema Pulchellum (Klip Buchu or Confetti Bush) with masses of dark pink starry flowers from spring to summer. The bushy plant is hardy, evergreen, and sun-loving, and the foliage is fine and aromatic. Confetti Bushes can be pruned after flowering to keep them neat and compact.
The Osteospermum Ecklonis ‘Serenity’ series is available in white, lavender, soft yellow and light pink. These perennial Cape Daisies flower in late winter, spring and again in autumn. They are hardy, evergreen and sun-loving.
The Gazania is renowned for its hardiness and the masses of flowers it produces throughout the year. It grows best in a warm, sunny spot (the flowers close up in shade). ‘Daybreak’ is a great series that flowers in many colours with various flower markings.
Diascia ‘Genta Pink’ is a vigorous hybrid selection of Twinspur with deep pink flowers and a tidy mounding habit. It is an excellent filler plant for containers, hanging baskets and perennial borders. It is also available in white, red and apricot.

To ensure lots of flowers from this pot
1. Use free-draining, quality potting soil.
2. Water only moderately – the soil must dry off between watering.
3. Place the pot in a sunny, warm spot.
4. Feed every two weeks with a soluble fertiliser.
5. Deadhead the flowers continuously.

The Gardener