Instant screening solution

These wood-look plastic fences from First Dutch Brands are easy to install, look great and will last almost indefinitely.

At the office we have an ugly wall that borders with our neighbours. It’s made of precast concrete topped with razor wire, and it really does ruin the aesthetic of our garden. When we saw these wood-look plastic fence panels from First Dutch Brands, we knew they would do a great job of hiding the ugly wall and giving our plants a backdrop to be proud of.

The screens come in 3m lengths and are 2m high. They are reversible, so it’s almost impossible to install them incorrectly, and because they are light it is very easy to install them by yourself or with one assistant.

You will need:

Wood-look double sided plastic fence panels

Nail-in anchors

Washers (we used roofing washers with the rubber backings)


Hammer drill, 6mm drill bit (or what fits the nail-in anchors), hammer

What you do:

1. Position the panels where you want them to go. Mark where to place the screws. Drill holes using the hammer drill.

2. Place one panel in position and secure it in place using the nail-in anchors and washers. We slipped the nails between two of the slats. We used two fasteners every 1.5m, one at the top and one near the bottom.

3. Repeat the process with another panel, overlapping the first one by 2 or 3 slats.

You can find these panels Builders stores. Click here for more stockists

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