Light, Hang, Plant! – Wooden Box

Wooden box

You can do so much with a simple wooden box!

What you will Need
10 x 10 mm pine (300 mm x 50 mm for
front and back slats)
10 x 10 mm pine (280 mm x 50 mm for
side slats)
3 x 10 mm pine (280 mm x 50 mm for
bottom slats)
4 x 15 mm pine (300 mm x 15 mm for
46 x 5 mm x 15 mm stainless steel nails
Wood glue
Wood sealant or undercoat and paint

Hammer, sandpaper or belt sander, paintbrush

Wooden box

1.Position five slats equal distances apart between two uprights. Glue and nail each slat in position. Repeat these steps so you have two of these assemblies (front and back).

Wooden box

2.Join the front and the back together with more slats. Start by gluing and nailing the top and bottom slats in position.Position the other three slats with equal spacing and glue and nail them in place.

3.Position three slats on the bottom of the box, again equally spaced. Glue and nail them in place from the sides so the bottom of the box is level.

4.Sand of any rough edges, apply a wood sealant, or paint with undercoat and then your choice of colour.

Wooden box

Note: These measurements are for the blue box.


Wooden box

What you will Need
Lamp holder
2 x 4 mm x 15 mm wood screws
1 m decorative chain
Cable tie (optional)

Screw driver, side cutters, drill and 5 mm drill bit

How to do it
Turn the box upside down and drill a hole through the middle point of the middle slat. Thread the lamp flex through the hole and connect the two exposed wires onto the lamp holder. Using the wood screws, secure the lamp holder in place on the inside of the box. Thread the chain in and out between the bottom slats and then through itself. Move it around until the lampshade hangs level (unless you’d prefer a jaunty angle), securing the end with a cable tie. Thread the flex through the chain and wire onto a plug. Hang your new lampshade in place.


Place your potted plant in your new slatted wooden box and position it on your patio, windowsill or in your garden. You can also line the box with durable plastic sheeting, score a few drainage holes in the bottom, fill it with soil and pot up as desired.

Wooden box

Hanging Basket

Drill two holes through the top slat on the front and back of the wooden box, approximately 50 mm from the edges and 10 mm from the top edge. Cut four 500 mm pieces of twine, thread the twine through each hole and tie a knot on the inside of the box. Bring all four twine pieces up to ±400 mm above the box and join them with a knot. Plant up a plastic pot, place it in your basket and hang it in position.

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