Lunch in a bottle – Bird Feeder

Bird feeder

A bird feeder is a simple yet effective means to truly bring life into your garden and outdoor space. This feeder is small and practical enough to fit anywhere in your garden with ease.

What you will Need
20 mm pine
Cutting list
1 x back (300 x 120 mm)
1 x bottom (120 x 120 mm)
1 x lip front (120 x 35 mm)
2 x lip sides (80 x 35 mm)
1 x pine spacer
Old bottle with sharply tapering neck
2 x full-thread cut screws (4 x 35 mm)
4 x self-tapping screws (4 x 6 mm)
Aluminium strap or wire
Cup hook

Glue gun, hammer, screwdriver

Bird feeder


1. Glue the two larger pieces of wood together, as per the diagram, and secure with two screws.

2. Position your bottle upside down against the back of the feeder and mark where to screw the aluminium strap to hold it in position. To stabilise the bottle further, you may want to attach a pine spacer to the backing appropriately positioned behind the neck of the bottle so that it remains upright when filled with seed. Make sure your bottle opening is positioned just below the lip you will fit in step 4.

3. Screw the aluminium strap in position and glue the spacer in place. The bottle should be able to sit snugly inverted as well as be easily removed for refilling with seed.

4. Glue the wooden lip in place. This will prevent the seed from spilling out.

Bird feeder

5. Screw in the hook at the top of the bird feeder for mounting it on the wall or hanging it from a tree. Fill the bottle with seed and hang it in place. Your bird feeder is now ready to be enjoyed.

Bird feeder
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