Make a living patio screen

Patio screen

Filled with colourful, healthy plants this pot rack is guaranteed to brighten up an ailing area of your patio and provide a little privacy acting as a patio screen.

Should you wish to change the colours or theme of your patio all you need do is replace the plants with those appropriate for your new look.

What You Need

3 maranti wood panels (865 x 222 x 22mm)
2 maranti beams (2400mm x 44mm x 32mm)
9 Clay pots (top diameter 160mm)
Full thread cut screws
Wood glue
Maranti wood filler
Woodoc 30 Exterior Wood Sealer

Step 1. Short edges, measuring 44 x 32mm to accommodate the support beams (see picture). Mark out the three circles, 150mm in diameter, on each beam, spacing them evenly with a 100mm gap between them. Use a jig saw to cut out the circles and notch and round off the square edges.

Step 2: Mark a point 100mm from the bottom of the support beams for the bottom shelf. Drill two pilot holes so that the screws are flush with the sides. Apply wood glue and screw the support beam into the shelf using the notches made earlier. Use this technique to continue attaching the shelves leaving 600mm between them.

Step 3: Use Maranti wood filler to fill in around the screws and leave to dry. Sand thoroughly and round off all sharp corners. Paint with two coats of Woodoc 30 Exterior Wood Sealer leaving time for drying between coats. Position the pots and plant up to complete your patio screen.

Patio screen
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