Make A DIY Table With Pots And Glass

DIY table

Mount polished glass on garden pots to make an instant and affordable DIY table. Add vinyl stickers to lift it to another dimension.

What You Need

  • 8mm polished all round clear glass from PG Glass, cut in either a circular or rectangular shape (glass size depends on your space and pot size)
  • Methylated spirits and paper towel to clean the glass
  • Vinyl stickers (visit http://www.twiggy.co.za/for more patterns)
  • Bump-ons (available from a glass supplier)
  • Sturdy garden pots
  • Old credit card or squeegee

Size Guideline

  • For two concrete pots with opening sizes greater than 300mm, use a rectangular 8mm clear glass top 1200 x 750mm
  • For one round concrete pot with an opening size of no less than 450mm, use a circular 8mm clear glass top 1200mm in diameter
  • Planters can be filled with clean pebbles for a textured effect

What To Do
Step 1: Ensure your pots are clean and level. If necessary, invert them to prevent any wobble.

Step 2: Place bump-ons around the rim of the pots.

DIY table

Step 3: Clean both sides of the glass with methylated spirits to remove any grease or residue.

Step 4: Decide where you want your design, keeping in mind that it will be in reverse once you flip the glass.

Step 5: Apply the stickers to the glass and use a credit card or squeegee to make sure all the air bubbles are removed.

DIY table

Step 6: Flip the glass over and place it stickerside down on the bump-on. DIY table complete!

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