Make your own Paver Planter

Paver planter

Making a planter out of pavers is a simple process – you simply glue the pavers together, reinforce the glue with some screws and then get down to planting. We made the pavers, and we made a plan so that some of our lovely succulents could also grow out the sides of the paver planter. This is what you do.


5 kg PPC Cement
1 bag river sand
4 x planks, each 300 mm x 60 mm
1 x square board, 340 mm x 340 mm

8 x Hilti screws (8 mm x 75 mm)
310 ml Alcolin Fix-All
releasing agent: cooking or motor oil mixed with a little water for each mould.


Cordless screwdriver, rubber mallet, small bricklaying trowel, wooden or plastic float, 18mm masonry bit, electric hammer drill, paintbrush, rubber mallet

Paver planter
STEP 1: Make the mould by screwing together the planks and board. Paint the inside of the mould with the oil. This acts as a releasing agent when removing the paver from the frame.
Paver planter
STEP 2: Mix 3 parts sand with 1 part PPC cement and add enough water to form a stiff consistency. Pack the mortar into the mould, working it into the corners. Tap all the corners of the mould with the mallet to release any trapped air. Smooth the mortar with the trowel. Allow it to dry for seven days before removing it from the mould. You will need five pavers to make one planter.
Paver planter
STEP 3: Use Alcolin Fix-all to glue the edges of the pavers together to form the planter then leave to dry for 24 hours.
Paver planter
STEP 4: To reinforce the joins, turn the planter upside down and drill 8 holes around the edges, going through into the pavers forming the sides. Secure with the Hilti screws. Drill a drainage hole in the base, and then planting holes in two or more of the sides.
STEP 5: Fill the paver planter with potting soil to just under the lowest planting hole. Choose succulents with the strongest stems (retain some of the roots if possible) and slide them through the lowest holes. Fill in with potting soil, plant up the next series of holes, then plant up the top of the planter. It won’t take long before the succulents around the sides settle into their new home and form roots.
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