Make your own Pots

Designing and creating your own pots makes them that much more special. Use this basic recipe, and let the designer in you loose.

What you Need
1 medium-sized plastic bowl
1 small bowl
Releasing agent (like vegetable oil)
Small stones
River sand
PPC Surebuild 42,5 N Cement

Tools – Nosing trowel, paintbrush, sponge


1. Apply releasing agent to the inside of the medium bowl, and to the outside of the small bowl.

Own pots

2. Mix a ratio of 1 part small stones, 3 parts river sand, and 1 part cement. Add water until the mixture resembles a runny yoghurt.

Own pots

3. Place a small amount of the mixture into the medium bowl, then place the small bowl inside the medium bowl allowing an even gap between the bowls. Pour river sand into the small bowl to keep it in place, and fill between the bowls with the concrete mixture. Remove excess mixture from the bowl with a sponge. Allow to dry for 2 days, before unveiling.

Own pots

4. Drill holes in the bottom of the pot before planting. You have now made your own pots!

Own pots
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