Mini Greenhouse

mini greenhouse

Keep your plants warm in style with this DIY mini greenhouse made from upcycled plastic bottles. Fulfil your plant and recycling needs in one go!

What you will Need for your Mini Greenhouse

  • Pots (we used terracotta pots)
  • Stones or pebbles
  • A selection of plants
  • Empty 2-litre plastic bottles
  • String and embellishments
  • A glue gun
  • Stanley knife
  • Spray paint
mini greenhouse diy

Start by Potting your Plants

  1. Pots must have drainage holes. Add stones to the bottom of the pots to assist with drainage.
mini greenhouse assembly
  1. Half fill with potting soil.
  1. Place the plants in the pots and fill in with potting soil. Firm down around the plants and water well.
mini greenhouse plants

Now, use the Plastic Bottles to make the Cloches of your Mini Greenhouse that will fit over your Plants.

  1. Cut a 2-litre bottle in half, across, using a Stanley knife. Tie different types of string around the neck of the bottles.
mini greenhouse glue gun
  1. Use a glue gun to stick embellishments onto the string. Scrabble tiles make good decorations.
  1. Spray-paint decorative wooden birds, or whatever decorations you have.
  1. Wrap string around the middle of the bottle and glue the birds to the string.
mini greenhouse cloche
  1. Add beads to the ends of the string, tying knots to hold them in place.

Carefully place the cloche over the flowers. This creates a mini greenhouse that keeps the plants warm and moist, and also protects against pests.

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