Paint an Alien

Alien Invader DIY

alien invader diy

Don’t despair if your garden has a few alien invaders lurking in it. Once you’ve been ‘destructive’ and removed them then get your creative juices flowing again and create a funky alien invader DIY focal point from some of the remains.

If you don’t have an alien to remove, then take a look through your garden refuse for branches with an interesting structure. Suitable specimens, whether alien, exotic or local, would be a metre or more in length and have smooth-textured bark that your paintbrush will cover easily, without getting clogged up (you don’t want this creative exercise to end up irritating you).

Remove all the leaves and wipe off the dust. Once the branch is clean and dry then paint it with brightly-coloured enamel paint. Choose a colour that will ‘make a statement’ – we chose fuchsia so our tree stands out against this dark wooden fence. Stand your painted tree in the garden, and there you have it – a non-threatening and captivating alien invader DIY project completed!

The Gardener