pallet bench

A Pallet-Able Wall Feature: DIY Pallet Potting Bench

This creative pallet bench wall feature can be used as a decorative shelf or even a functional potting bench.

What you need for your pallet potting bench

Timber (we used recycled pine for this pallet bench, which is basically pallets that have been broken down):

  • 4 x 1070mm x 90mm x 40mm
  • 12 x 1070mm x 95mm x 18mm
  • 3 x 380mm x 90mm x 40mm
  • 80 full-thread screws (4mm x 50mm)
  • 2x 1m x 8mm natural-fibre rope
  • 4 x nail-in wall anchors
  • 6 x U-fencing staples

Tools: Tape measure, drill and 10mm drill bit, belt sander, screwdriver, hammer

What you do

  1. Lay the four 4 x 1070mm x 90mm x 40mm planks on a table. Screw four 1070mm x 95mm x 18mm planks onto them. Screw one at each end, and the other two 310mm from the end planks.
  2. Screw four 1070mm x 95mm x 18mm planks onto three 380mm x 90mm x 40mm planks, one 380mm plank at each and one in the middle.
  3. Turn the structure from Step 2 over and screw the remaining four 1070mm x 95mm x 18mm planks to it.
  4. Sand the two structures to neaten them up.
  5. Screw the structure from Step 1 to the structure completed in Step 3, the bottoms of the two structures flush with each other.
  6. Drill two 10mm holes in the two outer 380mm planks, near the front.
  7. Attach one end of a piece of rope to the second-from-top shelf, using fencing staples. Push the other end of the rope through the 10mm hole and tie a strong knot in the end. Repeat with the other piece of rope.
  8. Hang the completed shelf from a wall, using wall anchors. Once this is done, decorate with some artfully placed plants and gardening accessories.

If you’d like to you can paint or seal the shelf, although pallet wood is treated and lasts ages outdoors.

The Gardener