Peanut Containers

Growing Peanuts in Containers

Peanuts are a good novelty plant to grow as they sprout and grow very quickly. They do, however, have a long growing season, taking between 100 – 130 days to mature. Containers are the perfect way to grow these pretty plants, and it can be done in a similar way to potatoes.

What you Need to Grow Peanuts

  • 2 plastic pots
  • Potting soil
  • Raw (not roasted) peanuts in their shell


angle grinder with a cutting disc, pencil and ruler

What you Do

1. Measure and mark three ‘windows’ on one pot, leaving a frame at the base and the top with three supports to keep the pot in one piece.

2. Cut out the ‘windows’ with an angle grinder.

3. Place the cut pot into the other pot and get ready for planting.


1. Fill the bottom of the pots about a quarter up with potting soil.

2. Remove the seeds from the shells and space five seeds in the pot.

3. Cover with a layer of soil mix and water well.

4. As the plant grows, keep adding soil around their stems as you would do for potatoes, until you reach the top of the container.