pebble bowl

Pebble Bowl

pebble bowl

Bring zen to your desk with this easy DIY pebble bowl and keep calm through the trials of every day!

What you Will Need for your Pebble Bowl

  • Medium-sized flat pebbles of your choice
  • 2 plastic bowls – one smaller then the other
  • Clear-casting resin (ordinary resin won’t be clear)
  • Releasing agent
  • Rubber glove
  • Measuring jug

To do

  1. First, spray the inside of the large bowl and the outside of the smaller bowl with the releasing agent. The releasing agent prevents the resin from sticking to the bowls.
  1. Carefully lay a few pebbles in the bottom of the large bowl, with as little space between them as possible.
  1. Place the smaller bowl (filled with pebbles for weight) on top of the pebbles, and continue stacking the pebbles into the large bowl by carefully sliding them down between the two bowls until you are happy with how they are arranged. Ensure that the smaller bowl stays level.
  1. Mix the resin according to the manufacturer’s specifications and slowly pour it into the gap between the two bowls until you have covered the pebbles. We left a few pebbles poking out for character.
  1. Leave the resin to cure and then carefully remove your bowl from the moulds.

Warning: Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and use rubber gloves when mixing and using resin.

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