Pebble Inlay

Make this lovely pebble inlay around your fire pit for a bit of added elegance to your garden décor. Follow the easy guide below.

Materials for your pebble inlay

  • 1 bag PPC cement
  • 1 bag plaster sand
  • 2 bags charcoal pebbles


  • Bricklaying trowel
  • Rubber mallet
  • Sponge
  • To add a decorative element, we circled the fire pit with a bed of pebbles laid in cement. This is how it is done.

STEP 1: Combine 4 parts plaster sand with 1 part PPC cement and enough water to form a thick cement mix. (If it is too runny then it will not hold the pebbles in place.)

STEP 2: Spread the cement mixture around the base of the fire pit, working on a section at a time. Lay the pebbles on the cement and tap them into place with the mallet.

STEP 3: Once the circle is complete, wipe off any cement that is visible on the exposed parts of the pebbles, using a clean sponge. Thereafter, to prevent damage to your handiwork, put a barrier around the area until the cement is completely dry. Now wasn’t that quick and easy, and isn’t it impressive?

The Gardener