Picture Perfect

DIY Wall Art

Take your own pictures and have them printed on canvas, then block mount them for a gorgeous piece of DIY wall art. We used photos of our favourite succulents for this project

What you need for your DIY Wall Art

  • Digital photographs printed on canvas in a 28 cm square format
  • Pine pieces 20 mm thick x 35 mm wide
  • Wood glue


Wood saw, staple gun and staples


1.Cut two 140 mm lengths of pine and two 210 mm lengths of pine. Place wood glue at the ends of the two longer pieces of pine and glue them to the shorter pieces to make a square frame.

2.Staple the joints to strengthen the frame.

3.Sand the wood down to remove any rough edges.

4.Wrap the canvas around the frame, folding one edge inwards to form a neat corner. Staple the canvas to the back of the frame to secure it.

5.Make sure that the spaces between the frames are exactly the same when mounting on the wall.

The Gardener