Planting and Repotting Ferns

Ferns are easy to transplant and benefit from regular repotting into slightly larger containers.

They can either be planted singly or in groups to create a miniature garden in a single pot or shallow bowl.

Follow These Steps for Fern Repotting

Step 1: Place drainage material in the form of gravel or pebbles in the base of the container.

Step 2: Add potting soil or growing medium to the container. Ferns enjoy soil that is rich in humus, well aerated and well drained. The addition of peat moss helps to achieve this.

Step 3: Remove the fern from its existing container. Gently coax it out by turning the pot upside down and tapping it on the edge of a table.

Step 4: Loosen some of the matted, fibrous roots to encourage them to penetrate the new growing medium.

Step 5: Place the plant into the new container at the correct level, ensuring that the root ball is 10 to 15mm below the level of the rim of the pot. Fill in around the roots with growing medium. Use a small pot for this to prevent damaging or bruising the fronds. Use a stout stick to firm down the soil. This compacting of the soil removes air pockets and prevents subsidence when the potted fern is watered.

Step 6: After planting has been completed, water the plants thoroughly to settle them into place.


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