Pot Gift Idea

Pot gift

Ever wonder what the perfect house warming gift is? Wonder no more! This pot gift is as cute as a button and from the heart.

What you Need
12 cm plastic pot (for mould)
350 x 350 mm hessian fabric
350 x 350 mm plastic refuse bag
280 ml cement
280 ml water

Gloves, scissors, mixing bowl, paintbrush, sponge


1.Place the plastic pot on a flat surface and line the inside with the plastic bag.

Pot gift

2.Mix the cement and the water to form a slurry.

Pot gift

3.Place the hessian into the slurry and saturate it in the mixture.

Pot gift

4.Remove the hessian from the slurry and carefully press it into the pot. Trim of the hessian and plastic around the top of the pot.

5.Using the paintbrush, apply leftover slurry to any visible hessian. Allow to dry for three days before removing from the plastic pot. One pot gift is ready to be given

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