Reach for the Sky – Trellises

Brighten up your veggie patch with colourful trellises, perfect for beans and other climbing plants that will reach for sky.


What you will Need
20 x 20 mm SA pine
Cutting List
4 x (1000 x 20 x 20 mm) uprights – for the tall trellis
8 x (860 x 20 x 20 mm) uprights – for the two shorter trellises
36 x (305 x 20 x 20 mm) – cross pieces
Wood glue
72 x panel pins (30 mm)

Tape measure, pencil, carpenter’s square, hammer

1.Start with the shorter trellises. On four 860 mm uprights, measure and mark 20 mm from the end. From that line measure and mark 250 mm, and then 20 mm from that line. Measure and mark another 250 mm and then another 20 mm. The remaining length will be 300 mm, which will become the feet of the trellis.


2.Place two of the marked uprights on a flat surface. Apply a little glue in the three 20 mm segments you marked in Step 1. Position cross pieces in each of these segments, joining the two uprights together, and nail them in place. Use a carpenter’s square to keep your supports square. Repeat this process to make up a second side.


3.Join the two sides together with cross supports, again using glue and panel pins. Flip it over and repeat the process so you have a four-sided trellis.

4.Repeat Steps 1-3 to make another short trellis.

5.To make the taller trellis, repeat Steps 1-3 but using the 1000 mm uprights.

To make your veggie support last longer, use a harder wood such as saligna and then apply at least three coats of paint (and undercoat) or wood sealer.

The Gardener