trellis refresh DIY

Refresh an Old Trellis

Repurpose and refresh a trellis by painting it in a bold colour to add a touch of instant brightness to a garden. This is perfect for adding a few growing climbers to the mix.

What you need to refresh your trellis

  • Old wooden garden trellis
  • Turbo screws (4mm x 20mm)
  • Spray paint (we used Rust-Oleum Orange Gloss)

Tools: Pliers, cordless drill, hammer

Steps to refresh your trellis

  • Disassemble the old trellis by levering it apart with the hammer.
  • Use pliers to remove all the staples.
  • Lay out the wood to make a pattern of your choice, using three long pieces as legs.
  • Screw the wooden slats together.
  • Spray-paint and leave to dry.

Tip: Trellises are great for aiding climbers in the garden. Never place your trellis directly onto a wall that gets afternoon sun; this could burn the plant’s leaves. Always leave a 5cm gap between your trellis and the wall to allow for sufficient airflow to keep your plants cool.

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