kids game

Run Marble, Run – DIY for Kids

This fun kids game keeps them entertained for ages.

kids game

For this kids game you need

  • 915mm x 625mm x 10mm plywood sheet
  • 2.5m x 25mm PVC pipe, cut into 8 lengths varying from 750mm to 100mm
  • 16 x 25mm PVC 90° elbows
  • 4 peel-and-stick flexible magnet sheets* (450mm x 310mm)
  • 20 small 20mm x 3mm disc magnets*
  • Epoxy
  • Contact adhesive
  • Marbles


Hacksaw, pencil, measuring tape.

The Steps

  1. Stick the peel-and-stick magnet sheets to the plywood board. (If the adhesive doesn’t hold, use contact adhesive – we did.)
  2. Cut the PVC pipe into eight lengths (or as many as you want) with a hacksaw.
  3. Push 90° elbows onto both ends of each pipe, pointing in opposite directions.
  4. Using epoxy, glue disc magnets to each length of pipe. We used two on each of the shorter lengths, and three on each of the longer lengths. We found that a magnet every 150mm worked well.
  5. When the epoxy has dried the marble run is ready to play with. Arrange the pipes on the magnetic sheets so that a marble will run down from the top of the board to the bottom via the pipes and elbows. This kids game is loads of fun!

* We found both the magnet sheets and the disc magnets online at www. magnetstore.co.za.

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