Scrounge for Containers


Before throwing any containers away, look at how it could be re-used or re-purposed. Instead of seedling trays use jumbo or extra-large egg cartons (the cavities need to be deep enough), yoghurt tubs, or tins with holes punched in the bottom.

Don’t throw away old plant pots, just wash and re-use them. Just about anything can be used as containers for herbs or veggies: old toolboxes, trunks, kitchen pots, leaking buckets – the list goes on… Make a cold frame from salvaged window frames and discarded dresser drawers.


3 Ideas for 2-litre Plastic Bottles

  • Make a cloche – cut off the base and place it over seedlings to protect them from frost.
  • Cut the bottom off, then sink one next to a plant, neck first, and fill with water as a waterwise way of getting water directly to the roots.
  • String bottles horizontally on a wall, cut out a section on top, fill with potting soil and grow leafy veggies and herbs.

The Gardener