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DIY Bench

DIY bench

There is nothing more useful than a sturdy little DIY bench in the garden where you can sit and pass the time and enjoy the splendour of your garden.

What You Need for your DIY Bench

  • 32mm pine cut to the following dimensions:
    • 3 x 1000mm x 100mm x 32mm (bench top)
    • 1 x 820mm x 100mm x 32mm (spine)
    • 4 x 460mm x 100mm x 32mm (legs)
    • 2 x 260mm x 100mm x 32mm (leg braces)
  • Wood glue
  • Wood primer
  • Paint
  • 50mm Kreg screws
  • Kreg plugs
  • 5mm x 55mm full-thread cut screws


Kreg Jig K4 Master System, Festool cordless drill driver, TorkCraft sanding glove, paintbrush, paint roller

What You Do

1. Cut all pieces to size, as per the diagram. The ends of the legs are angled and parallel. To do this measure 10mm in on opposite long sides and make a mark, then a draw a line from the mark to the closest corner and then cut along this line. See the diagram for a clearer understanding.

2. Use the Kreg Jig to join the three pieces to make the bench top. Start by setting the jig and the screwdriver bit to the correct setting for 32mm wood. Then drill holes in one face of two of the planks, as indicated on the diagram.

DIY bench

3. Apply wood glue to the edges of the three planks that are to be joined.

4. Using the Kreg screws and Festool cordless drill driver, screw the three pieces of wood together to form the top of the bench. The great thing about using a Kreg jig is that you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry – you can now move on to the next step.

5. Assemble the legs. To do this screw two legs to a leg brace using cut screws. The top of all three pieces should be flush, and the outside edges of the legs should be flush with the bottom corners of the brace.

6. Join the spine of the bench to the two leg assemblies, using glue and cut screws. The top of all three must be flush.

DIY bench

7. Place the completed leg assembly upside down onto the bench top. Screw the spine to the bench top using the pre-drilled Kreg holes and Kreg screws.

8. Sand the completed DIY bench, then paint with a primer and paint, leaving time between coats to dry.

DIY bench

Kreg Jig K4 Master System

The Kreg Jig® K4 is the perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers and anyone new to pockethole joinery. Its simple design gives you the confidence you need to get started, and you’ll have your project finished in no time with joints as easy as “Drill. Drive. Done!” The K4 system comes complete with the jig, drill bit, screwdriver bit, a face clamp, dust collection attachment, a starter set of screws and even plugs.

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