Solar Garden

Consol’s Solar Jars are ideal little containers for plants and they make great table decorations or gifts for the festive season, as well as for your solar garden.

What you need for your Solar Garden

  • Consol Solar Jars
  • Small plants (we used echeverias)
  • Small pebbles


  1. Wash the pebbles and place them at the bottom of the jar.
Solar garden
  1. Place a plant or a selection of plants in the pebbles and add a small amount of water.
Solar garden
  1. Tighten the lid to make a terrarium. To switch on the light, flip over the catch and align the dots.

Charge your solar jars for 6-8 hours in sunlight or 12+ hours under clouds. Consol Solar Jars are available at selected home stores countrywide.

The Gardener