spiral garden

Spiral garden

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spiral garden

The spiral symbol represents movement, usually the movement from outer consciousness to inner awareness and peace. In her own quest for peace, Tanya built a mini spiral garden.

What you Need for your Spiral Garden

  • Compost – 1 bag per square metre of soil
  • Organic fertiliser
  • Grass seed – in this case grass for shade
  • Mealie meal
  • Wood battens for the frame. (We used 38mm x 38mm x 900mm.)
  • Wooden plank to stand on when making the spiral
  • Plastic funnel

What to Do

  1. Prepare the area by digging in compost and a handful of organic fertiliser.
  1. Rake the area well to make sure you have a smooth surface to work with. (Stand on the wooden plank while raking so that you don’t compact the soil.). Use a handful of mealie meal to mark out the spiral, starting from the centre point.
  1. Use a dibbler or a stick to make a furrow about 2cm deep, following the mealie meal marks.
  1. Fill the funnel with grass seed, keeping your finger on the opening at the bottom. Using the funnel, sow seed in the spiral furrow. Cover the seed with your hand and pat the soil down. Water well with a fine spray.
spiral garden seeds
  1. Water every day until the fine shoots of grass appear (around 14 days) and then reduce watering to every second or third day.
spiral garden
  1. To finish off the design, trim the grass to make it neat. Measure and cut the battens to frame the design. Finally add a layer of stones between the grass, and around the edge of the frame.

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